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Rather than build and move on, our approach to software development and product design is to form trusted long-term relationships with our clients spanning strategy, build, testing, launch and optimisation.

Yes, successful technology projects require beautiful design, intuitive user interfaces and elegant code, but the true value is unlocked when you combine this with intelligent strategic thinking and a deep understanding of data, security, integrations and long-term objectives. This is what makes Silicon Stack different.

Using a lean and agile development process, we start by taking the time to gain a shared understanding of the opportunity or challenge before we collaborate on a minimal viable product to kick off the process. 

We are not precious when it comes to getting the right result. We provide full transparency every step of the way, test and optimise as we go with working prototypes, and provide regular updates on progress and timelines. We can also help with your launch marketing, growth and ongoing support.

If you’re facing a mission-critical business opportunity or challenge, we’ll help you push the boundaries with strategy, product design and technology.

Strategy + Design + Technology

Strategic Consulting

A key strength of our team is the ability to work with you to translate your ideas into rock-solid technology solutions that meet your business objectives. Or, to workshop a significant challenge you are facing and devise innovative tech solutions for solving it. We understand that business and technology are inextricably linked.

Product Design

Once the strategy is set, our analysts, product designers and developers define precisely how the solution will look, function and integrate with existing systems, data, third parties and audiences. Whether an e-commerce platform, enterprise system, mobile app or a simple marketing website, functional software starts with expert product design.

Software Development

Whether you know exactly what you want, or have worked with us on design and specifications, our world-class software developers can make it happen from user experience and coding to testing and optimisation. Custom software is our speciality, we build all kinds of websites, apps, chat systems, data integrations, ERP, internet of things, and more.

Dedicated Team Model

For large or long-term projects, having your own dedicated outsourced team is a simple and cost effective way to access specialist skills on demand. You have no overheads or infrastructure costs, yet retain full control and security. Tap into developers, data analysts, back office, customer service, testers, and project managers to extend your team.

Enterprise Solution

Data exchanges, integrations, web services, global platforms… we thrive on tough challenges. Our expertise spans enterprise resource management (ERP), dealer management systems (DMS), business intelligence (BI), content management systems (CMS), business process automation (BPA), e-commerce, supply chain management (SCM) and more.

Marketing & Branding

Once you’re live, we can help attract attention, reach your target audience and grow traffic. We take a data-driven approach to marketing with precise targeting, defined KPIs and rigorous reporting. We combine the best of search, social and content marketing, with creative services including copy, graphics, video, advertising and animations.

Apps & Games

From apps running point of sale for a national retailer, through to a DIY ecommerce app for glaziers and a popular pet shop game, we have deep expertise in creating apps that make businesses more efficient and games that make life more fun! Beyond development, we can help with strategy, concepts, branding and marketing.

Testing & Optimisation

Software requires continual improvement as requirements and technology evolves. We offer comprehensive manual testing services as well as automated systems such as Selenium, Appium, Calabash, QTP and device farms. We also offer ongoing optimisation and technical support to suit your application and needs.

Our approach

In an industry littered with cautionary tales, short-term thinking and budget blowouts, we pride ourselves on creating quality solutions that deliver sustainable business results and return on investment.

Founded by industry veteran Luan Tran in 2016, Silicon Stack’s reputation, and client list, has grown steadily by reputation and word-of-mouth referrals. 

Project by project, Silicon Stack has built up a proven track record of success stories by providing over 80 major digital solutions ranging from enterprise

wide finance platforms, ERP solutions and CRM platforms through to mobile apps, integrations, websites, internet of things solutions and games. 

Silicon Stack is now trusted by 65+ partners spanning industries including automotive, agriculture, construction, transport, logistics, auctions, signage, real estate, health and fitness, finance and retail. We work with clients across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the USA.

If you have bold ideas, or big challenges, we’d love to work with you to see them through.

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